By mastering the sonic signal-processing domain,
Prontoly is redefining the way devices pair and authenticate.
Providing ultrasonic solutions to key market verticals.

  • Smart Lock
    Smart Lock

    Contactless phone based ultrasonic locking system.

    • Secure
    • Individual and dynamic permissions
    • Seamless user experience
    • Compatible with any smartphone
    • Option: Filtering based on direction and distance
  • Login to a Secure Website
    Login to a Secure Website

    Protected by providing three layers of security: proximity, mobile device identification & personal device registration, providing easy and reliable login without compromising security requirements.

    • Meets industry standards
    • Rapid reaction
    • Seamless user experience
    • Fits multiple use-cases, such as: FIs, e-Commerce and more
  • Cellphone Payment, Wallet To Wallet
    Cellphone Payment, Wallet To Wallet

    By utilizing ultrasonic data transfer and Sonic Tokenization™.

    • Touch-and-pay
    • Compatible with any smartphone
    • Seamless user experience
    • Agnostic to network operation
  • Sonic QR
    Sonic QR

    Unique method to embed data over audio without compromising the origin.

    • Enabling advertising with a call to action
    • Ability to conduct interaction between media devices (e.g. Television/radio to smartphone)
    • Can trigger behavior analytics
  • Indoor Positioning System
    Indoor Positioning System

    Indoor tracking and analysis based on a simple sonic interaction.

    • No GPS required
    • No network dependency
    • Cost effective
    • Easy and fast deployment


Cross-platform; Cross-OS SDK
Including all functions needed and support for all Sonic and Ultrasonic use-cases


Benny Saban

Benny Saban


With over 20 years of experience in bringing technology to market, as products and solutions; in fields of Mobile Financial Services, Big-Data Analytics, VR Broadcast and more.
Benny is the CEO of Prontoly as well as leading the Product Management.
Alon Eilam

Alon Eilam

Algorithms & Physical Layer

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (1982), M.Sc. Electrical Engineering with expertise in Signal Processing and Communication (1991), both from the Technion.

Alon is an experts in signal processing, with emphasize on sonic signal processing.
Asaf Meir

Asaf Meir

Software Engineer

B.Sc. in Computer Science (cum laude); M.Sc. Information Technology from the Technion Institute of Technology. Developing native SDK including DSP algorithms for Android, iOS, Micro-Controllers and Web based applications. With passion to obtain and implement knowledge.
Guy Shofen

Guy Shofen

Director of Business Development

B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion and a lifetime passion for startups.

Loves digging into the small details and lives to create the perfect products.


32 Sderot Hamaginim, Haifa, 3326226, Israel